Special machines

For special machines we are able to realize :

  • Engineering
  • Realization
  • Automatization

We develop our know-how in machinery:

  • Assembly (crimping, clinching, etc ...)
  • Production (cutting, stamping, forming, bending, punching)
  • Feeding (turntable, conveyor, unstacking, vibrating bowl, etc ...)
  • In the field of presses (benches crimping specific conveyors, etc. ...)

Sawing Machines

  • 2 pin 4 KW with speed variation
  • Digital advance
  • Manual or automated exchange
  • Trimming system with cutting angles
  • SIEMENS management system

Assembly machine


Assembly machine of a car radio frame

It has :

  • A turning plate with a 4-position tray indexer
  • A riveting station is composed with a frame supporting two self-centering gooseneck equipped with a hydraulic cylinder
  • A crimping station is composed with a frame supporting a self-centering gooseneck equipped with hydraulic cylinder.
  • A parts' extraction station with camera control for selection of good or bad part.


A machine for the assembly of a dashboard flange

  • Crimping M12 nut
  • Clinching of rear and front plates by two ø10 points
  • Clinching bracket on front plate



This machine performs a stamping operation at each end of a crossmember for cover

Stamping of the form by means of two cylinders


Distribution system consists of a vibrating hopper mounted on the understructure for supplying the parts in the tool.

An understructure mounted on four wheels supports the distribution system